Home Sweet Home!

We enjoy being gypsies, but after four years of wandering from rehearsal space to rehearsal space, it feels OH SO GOOD to have a space we can call home.

A few years ago we heard of this old Catholic church turning into a site for a community house, garden, performance space, school, and so much more. We felt ourselves drawn to the site. There was even a perfect classroom that could be a studio space, but we couldn’t get past the carpeting. And then day, a revelation: Mikaela to Mackenzie, “Mac, do you hear that squeaking?” Mac, “Yes…there are wood floors under here!!!” And so the journey of renovation began.

Painting, cleaning, carpet removing, glue fighting (or glue stripping, rather), sanding and polishing… None of this was possible without the help of so many awesome people.

  • Julie, thank you for letting tear into the space and believing in our vision.
  • Mark Sugiuchi, Francine, John Daniel- thank you for covering yourself in “watersprout” and “cotton whisper,” all the while listening to Jane Fonda’s work out. We could never repay you.
  • Chuck and Mark Valley — you did what we could not… bare the burden of the carpet! Thanks for removing it.
  • And thank you John, Mark, Chuck and Trevor for going through the muck. (You know what we mean.)
  • Trevor Cain — “the wood master.” Best wood floors we’ve ever seen! For all that you did to make it awesome… thanks!

Last but not least, a DEEP thank you to everyone who has generously opened their spaces to us over the years. To Nehemiah Mission, Inlet Dance Theatre, Rock City Dance, PlayhouseSquare’s Idea Center and Edgewater Park on Lake Erie, we are indebted. You have contributed greatly to our growth and development as artists and have helped bring us to where we are today. Thank you.

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