Our Work

When speaking about an issue that seems so foreign in our society, it is very important  for us as artists to connect our audiences to the issue on a real level.  Struggle is a part of life that every human being goes through and by connecting our struggles with that of human trafficking, though quite different,  people can better empathize.  Then we realize perhaps this issue of sexual slavery isn’t so foreign after all.  At the core of our work, we seek to speak to the human heart–to challenge our prejudices, to offer hope and healing and inspire for a better world.   Not all of our work shows the grim, dark side of slavery, but showcases life– a life that we all share in it’s sorrows and joys.


“All the Broken Pieces” 2013.  Explores two women in the aftermath of trauma.









“Prayer” (Working Title) 2013.









“Nameless Grace” 2013.  In collaboration with composer Jeremy Allen and solo violinist, Natalie Lin, this dancer/violin duo showcases the dignity of a woman, through her sorrows and her joys.












“Child’s Play” 2010. This piece shares the joy, imagination and playfulness that all children should be allowed to have.











(photographs by Lauren Stonestreet,