Without Words Movement - Our Mission
Photo by Lauren Stonestreet

Our Mission

Reclaiming freedom for those silenced by the global sex trade through the powerful voice of DANCE.

What we DO

We are artists compelled to speak on behalf of the enslaved, demanding attention to the atrocities of the sex trade, advocating freedom and inspiring the next generation of abolitionists. With dance as our voice, we fulfill this by creating evocative performances and by providing creative experiences for survivors to receive the healing and freeing power of dance. Through our work, we seek to direct attention upon truths such as human dignity and the inherent value of life- truths that, if embraced, would sabotage the global sex trade and other abhorrent systems alike.


 The how we do what we do

Core Values:

1. Christ is our Compass
We believe in the God of the Bible and that we have access to him through his son Jesus Christ.   We believe in His Word, in the power of prayer and that as his children, we can hear from HIm.  This being said, we derive what we do and how we do it from God and allow room for Him to be  our guide.
2.  Act justly, Love mercy, walk humbly
We desire to value, serve and love one another and whomever we work or partner with.  We believe that justice is an act of love, and the more we love people, the more we will act justly.
3.  Truth Speaking
With our words and actions, we will tell the truth, communicating the truth boldly and kindly.
4.  Working in Excellence
We value excellence in our work in what we do and how we do it.  We will strive to give the best we have, not settling for less than what we’ve been given to use.
5. Unity
We recognize that we cannot do this work alone.  We value to the partnership and collaboration of other abolitionists, organizations and artists.


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