AP children dancing

Next Stop: Malawi, Africa!

This November, we will be traveling to Malawi, Africa, in partnership with Ancient Path.  Ancient Path is an arts and compassion organization whose mission is using the arts to incite compassion, ignite hope and inspire action.  They have been working in Malawi for over fourteen years where, they are helping children not only getting food to eat and help to go to school, but the opportunity to grow through the arts.  These young children, many orphaned or at risk, come alive when they have an opportunity to dance, we are told.  It gives us great joy to be able to share dance with these precious lives, hopefully leaving them with a sense of empowerment and greater freedom.  Not only that, but we truly believe this is an opportunity to see and hear from those who are otherwise unseen.  These children represent the many children, all over the world who have no voice, yet they have something to say.  We want to go, listen and to come back to Cleveland better inspired and equipped to be a voice.

This is the impact we hope to have:

1. Bring joy and empowerment to these children in Malawi, who deserve to live a life beyond just survival.  

2. Research the face of human trafficking in this region.

3.  Create new work upon returning to Cleveland.

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