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Credit: Mark Valley

Join the Movement

Four ways to MOVE against the sex trade:

1. EDUCATE. There are more slaves today than were seized from Africa in four centuries of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Nearly two million children are used in the commercial sex trade, where they routinely face sexual and physical violence (UNICEF, 2006). Go to humantrafficking.org, polarisproject.org, or the International Justice Mission’s site at ijm.org and sign up for email updates.

2. ADVOCATE. Sponsor a panel discussion. Create art. Put on a house concert. Talk to teens. Run a marathon with proceeds going towards an anti-trafficking organization. Use your voice to speak those in bondage. *The Collaborative Initiative is a fantastic Cleveland-based organization that will gladly help jump-start you with resources and education on how to present the facts.

3. DONATE. There are many organizations united in fighting the global sex trade; after you get the facts, write a check to support their efforts.

4. PRAY. We believe God cares more about the well-being of those enslaved than we ever could. Ask God to reveal his heart to you about this issue and cry out for those who have no voice.

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