Welcome to our website!

Hello friends, supporters, abolitionists, explorers and movers! Welcome to the WIthout Words Movement website, where we hope you will discover and enjoy what we’re all about. As of now, the “voices” or representatives of WWM are Mikaela Clark and Mackenzie Clevenger Valley and we look forward to getting to know you all and sharing our journey with you.

We would like to thank Chelsey Cain for putting together this amazing website. She has also designed our logo and business cards. You can learn more about her small start-up company, Cypress Collective, from their video. We also extend a thank you to Lauren Stonestreet for the photos you see on the website. More of her beautiful photographs can be seen at elle effect.

Thank you to Mark Valley (yes, husband of Mackenzie) for the awesome video, “Reclaim.” More of his recent video work can seen here.

And we would like to thank Tinamou (Chris and Judy Schenk) for helping us discover the Without Words Movement vision and for giving us the tools to go forth and make it happen!

We are so excited to have such talented and wonderful friends. We truly could not be anywhere without their help and support, as well as their loving encouragement. Thank you again!

This work has also been made possible by CPAC and Playhouse Square’s Launch program. Thank you!

Please continue to check out our website as we will be posting upcoming events and performances, as well as sharing the growing vision within our hearts.

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