Exodus Cry’s Abolition Summit

On January 2-4, we were privialged to attend the Abolition Summit hosted by Exodus Cry. http://exoduscry.com/   Mikaela and I met in Kansas City, MO where we were greeted by Mikaela’s younger sister Leah, who was going to be hosting us during the event.

The event lasted three days, each day with three sessions including worship and prayer (we were at the International House of Prayer of course!), speakers and special performances.  We heard speakers from all over the world, different in their talents, expertise and training, but all well equipped to teach, admonish, encourage and how do I say…dive into our hearts and say just what you needed to hear.

Let me back up and say that the weeks leading up to this event, we were growing weary and discouraged.  In this season of foundation laying, we have spent less time in the studio (doing what we “know” to do ) and more time trying to stratigize, market, raise funds and processing all the ideas coming in….over and over.  How does one create a movement against a social issue, when one doesn’t quite feel like moving themselves?

So the opportunity rose up, last minute, to go to the Abolition Summit.  It sounded like really good fruit to our hungry spirits and souls.  Now I could go on bragging about how awesome the summit was, what an amazing organization Exodus Cry is and how impactful they are against this injustice…and while all these things would be true, there was something more that  satisfied our hungry souls.  We were reminded of the real reason we decided to quit our jobs and follow in this pursuit.  Our love for justice and freedom comes from the One who freely gives justice and freedom.

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