Bucharest and Rome….here we come!

We want to give a huge THANKS to everyone who came out to see “A Broken Road” on Thursday night and Friday afternoon. We were overwhelmed and humbled by the crowds, encouragement, compliments and generosity. Your support means the world to us. We feel ready to go out and do this, not because we are packed, or because every detail has been covered (that isn’t the case!), but we feel ready because we have such an amazing group of people around us who believe in us! That gives us confidence. Thank you.

On Monday the 14th, we will be boarding the plane to Bucharest Romania!

Here is part of the Schedule we were sent on what we will be doing in Bucharest. We will be staying at a women’s shelter. As we learn more about these people and organizations while we are there, we can share more. Please note that this schedule was sent from Romania and some translation may not be exact, but you get the gist! Here is the schedule:

Arrive airport 4.15

Oct 16th:
Visite Pinochio ; workshop
6 pm : outside Performance centrul vechi

6pm : outside Performance Parcul Coltea

3 pm: Performance in Uniri’s park
4 pm : flashmob uniri
4.30 : flashmob central vechi
5: flashmob universitate
6pm: flashmob metro stan + Performance

3 pm dance work shop at Kidz Gang (gara de nord)
5 pm: flashmob in gara
7pm: Performance at Victory outreach (gara de nord) + film Nefarious romana

Outreach to the sex workers with FREE team

6.35 pm flight to Roma

In Italy, we have two performances scheduled in a theater. We will be in the space October 24th and 25th. Along with “A Broken Road,” we will also be performing many works we did last CPT performance back in March. While we are in the theater, we will also hold workshops with art students. This will hopefully end with creating a piece together that they will then perform at the theater with us! We also will perform in the streets, similar to Bucharest. Our time in Rome will also serve as time to learn, help serve with street missions, explore and rest.

Please keep checking here and Facebook (Without Words Movement) as we will be updating you all on how our trip is going.

Revedere! Caio! Goodbye!

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