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Photo by Lauren Stonestreet

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Our work strives to evoke human emotion and connect to the heart of our audience. We have created witty, light-hearted pieces confronting insecurities we find within ourselves; whimsical explorations of lost childhood imagination; and gut-wrenching exposure in the face of the sex trade. We enjoy the collaborative process and making things happen in least-expected places. Recent site-specific work was created for alleyways and rooftops, as well as evening-length performances for the theater. Our uniquely grassroots approach requires adequate time and conversation, especially when devising new work. What are your needs and desires? Let’s start talking!

Creative Experience:

For safe-homes and restoration organizations:

Survivors of the sex trade, both women and children, have had their physical bodies abused and now store these traumatic experiences within their very muscles. Whether they are cognizant of the repercussions of this or not, what has happened to their bodies and how they view them links directly to how they view themselves and their interaction with others.

We employ dance to begin to reclaim the beauty and strength of the bodies of these women and children. This initiates a vital process where trust is regained between themselves with others. The experiences themselves foster a safe environment in which we continue to explore healing through movement and create further opportunities for them to ultimately express their story in their own authentic way.

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