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Tangible Stories of Freedom 

Here at Without Words Movement, we believe that ashes can be turned to beauty, that broken lives can be healed, that those enslaved can be freed. We believe that one can counter suffering in this world by offering beauty. It is with this hope that we create. We now bring you pieces of beauty in a tangible form~ the form of hand made art and clothing.

This premiere collection of winter scarves and hand screenprinted totes and prints are inspired by WWM’s recent tour to Bucharest, Romania and Rome, Italy (learn more about the tour here). The fabric details found in the scarves were purchased from local artisans in Rome and Florence. And with each ReClaim purchase you will receive a story, written by Mackenzie, that depicts an element of struggle, freedom, or inspiration from our journey thus far. All ReClaim products are handmade by local artists based in North East Ohio, and we take care to ensure that our products are free from slavery down to the very materials we use.

To further peruse the collection or make a purchase, find us here on Etsy.

By purchasing this product, you are helping to share the story of those whose voice has been silenced. You are believing in the power of beauty and hope. You are reclaiming freedom for those enslaved.